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Side Notes for Part Five [22 Apr 2007|08:51pm]

I'm pretty sure that little girl is a younger version of Voletta, but I could be wrong. That theory has yet to be proved right or wrong, but I'll see eventually, I suppose. Another interesting note is she looks like Amy Lee's mini me in the dream. The outfit and all looks like something I've seen her wear on a poster. In fact, I saw a poster that reminded me so much of her, I bought it. I'll post a picture of it later. Another note is the man that approaches her looks a lot like Wesley Snipes. Just picture one of the Blade movies, and you'll have it down exactly.
This dream was very cinematic. I saw all of it as if I was watching it unfold from multiple points of view, and it was cool. It didn't give me strange feelings like the other dreams, and I'm guessing that's because the little girl that I think was Voletta remained calm throughout the entire thing. In any case, pictures of it all coming soon.
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Fifth Sight [22 Apr 2007|06:05pm]

For once, it's a nice day and everything seems nicely ordinary. The sun is as bright as can be, and there's not a cloud in the sky. The paved roads, both the streets and sidewalks, are covered with activity. Normal people living everyday lives are carrying out daily acitivities. Some are dressed casually, some are dressed for business. Some of these people are young, and some of them old. Some people were walking and some were riding their own vehicles or some method of public transportation. Some were even skating their way around. And even still, in what little space was available among all these busy people were the bike riders.

It's the city life. Huge boulevards, gigantic stores, fancy billboards, and bright lights stretch as far as the eye can see. Groups of teenagers were gathered in groups, plotting their mischeif as the young do. Most of the adults seem to be coming from or going to work, all the while escorting their small children. However, there is one lone child not participating in the hustle and shuffling going on.

She's a very young child, possibly being no more than five years of age. Her hair is long and thick; it stretches down past her knees. It's aslo jet black, a color that matched that of her garments. She wears a shirt with no sleeves and a white dress that rested on her knees. On her legs are black and white striped stockings, and on her feet are little black boots. Lastly, her hands are covered in little black fingerless gloves. Compared to those around her, she was dark and gloomy, but this child doesn't seem unhappy at all.

She walks a straight path, never bothering to make eye contact or acknowledge the existence of anyone around her. She simply quietly strolls up a sidewalk, and remains in her own secluded world. Her walk ends when she arrives at a building made of stone. Before the entrance were stairs that seemed to be in the hundreds, and they stretched as far as the entire block. At the top of these stairs are double-doors made of glass. Everything else that can be seen is stone, or a window here and there. This place was void of any emotion, as were the few that were entering and leaving it. These people were dressed up to the tie, holding briefcases and all. Their faces were blank and cold. It's if this place were of some unfortunate fate, much like a city hall would be to some.

The little girl makes her way halfway up the stairs and stops. She comes to a complete standstill and just watches and waits. The people around here that were coming and leaving paid her no mind, seemingly opting to mind their own business. Not one person even noticed she was there.

Suddenly, there's a loud bang and several windows shatter. Even where the little girl stood was glass hurled, but she does not move an inch. She just stands and watches. Out of the windows come streams of smoke fleeting. She hears several voices cry out in shock and fear, but she does not react to that either. Not soon after, the entrance to this place blows open and many are rushing out. Even still, she does not move. She stands her ground and keeps her eyes on those doors, as people flew out of them and right past her. Many people dashed out at once, but not one of them made contact with her. It's as if she doesn't exist.

Behind the girl was also chaos. People that were making their way around by whatever means they had were all attempting to leave at once, causing even more confusion and dismay. Not once did this girl turn around to see this for herself. She can only tell by the frustrated yells of human voices and the obnoxious honking of motor vehicle's horns.

A gloved hand rests on her head, which manages to get a smile out of her. Without turning around to see who's touching her, she already knows. Whoever this person is, he defintely makes her happy. The man is tall and dark, and his outfit is much of the same. He wears a n unbuttoned leather trenchcoat, a bulletproof vest, leather pants, leather boots, and dark shades. He leans down and gently gives the girl a hug, while whispering something to her, which also manages to get some smiling out of her. After he releases her, he charges up the stairs and literally through the doors.

The little girl stays in place, and watches on. She can hear sounds that are like blasts from some type of firearm, and some stronger sounds that are like explosives. Still, she doesn't flinch. She just stands and looks on until all the noise subsides. By the time the silence falls, everyone in the nearby area is already gone. There are abandoned vehicles, shoes, and bags of all sorts laying around everywhere. Most the pavement was covered in paper dropped by people that were panicking and attempting to get out of the area. Even still, she doesn't care enough to turn around and notice that she's the last one left either.

Soon, her friend comes out and greets her on the stairs with another hug. She smiles again, but doesn't make a sound. The man rises up to his feet and pets her on the head, like a parent would to a child. She just stands in place until he starts to make his way down the stairs again. She turns around only to watch him make a hasty exit to the scene and then returned her sights to the entrance of that cold building.
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Side Notes for Part Four [18 Apr 2007|10:17am]

One thing I thought was kind of cool about this dream was there was no driver for the shuttle. It was completely self navigated. There were some little light bulbs running along the sides of it, and they're what gave off the faint light. It was kind of cheesy looking, but I like it anyway.

As for Voletta, the aura I felt from her was completely different. She's just scary from here on out. Before this dream, it was the things around her that freaked me out, and now it's her herself. She's still young, but is one hell of a lot stronger than she was before. Whenever there was a threat nearby, I could just feel her murderous intent going through the roof even though she wasn't showing emotion. Sharing her feelings isn't a fun thing for me.

The next note is pretty funny. You Linkin Park fans'll get a kick out of this, 'cause they were in the dream. Zombie forms of Pheonix, Brad, Rob, and Chester appeared inside of the house they were in (they were the ones that came out of pictures). Joe and Mike appear later on after they leave the house. They were the first two zombies Voletta killed after leaving the house. For the record, I have nothing against Linkin Park and I love their music. At the time I had this dream, I was into them hardcore. Lol.

The last thing I want to make note of is that the entrance into the house was all Final Fantasy like. The door was unlocked and everything was completely untouched. Even the beds were made up. I don't know. IT'S JUST WEIRD.
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Fourth Sight [17 Apr 2007|11:57pm]

It's another eerily dark night. As are most environments Voletta finds herself in, this one is void of any sign of life as well. This time however, she's going through what used to be a rural area. There's clean pavement and homes on either side of it. Both grass and trees are growing, and there are even various motor vehicles sitting outside of the residential homes. It seems just like any other neighborhood, only there are no lights lit in any home. In the streets are no stray animals. There's no a sound being made with the exception of the hum of a shuttle. In this shuttle, Voletta and a crew of others are taking a ride.

She's defintely different this time around. Not only does she appear to be older now, but her posture is different. She seems a lot more relaxed. Given the circumstances she's in, it's very strange of her to not be paranoid. Her fellow passengers don't seem to worried either, but she's not paying much mind to them. She's just resting her head against the shuttle's window, staring at her own faint reflection from the little light the vehicle gave off.

As for her fellow passengers, they're a rowdy bunch. They're all fairly young adults and they're not shy about showing it either. The atmosphere about them is very party-like. Everyone is talking and laughing loudly. It's like they don't have a care in the world, even though everything outside of the vehicle screams the end of time. None of them pay any mind to Voletta, who's being characteristically anti-social.

The ride goes on fairly uneventful for quite some time, besides the group of passengers playing cards and horseplaying around with one another. All this comes to a sudden hault when the shuttle loses power and stops. The faint light that it gives off shuts down as well, giving the crew no light to rely on, besides the street lights on every corner. Unfortunately, these lights were only bright enough to cast shadows, making an already frightening environment that much scarier. After a brief silence, the vehicle is stricken with an object completely unidentifiable in the darkness. It gives the shuttle a mighty rock, threatening to topple it over. Luckily for those aboard, it manages to hold it's ground long enough for everyone to make a quick exit.

Armed with flashlights, the frenzied group scans all around the area, to find something familiar to Voletta. They were ambushed by more wretched, humanoid figures who quickly slaughter a few that were unfortunately caught off guard. Like a pack of wolves through lambs, they cut through them and attempted more. Their unexpected assault is ended pretty quickly by none other than Voletta herself.

With an icy cold glare, she slowly brings an arm behind her and unsheathes a weapon the size and length of one of her arms. It's a slick , metallic projectile weapon of some sort. It could be called a gun, but that would understate the sheer bulk and firing power of this weapon of hers. From the look of it, it's surpring any one person can weild it at all, let alone lift it with one arm as she was doing. This quickly spelled the end of the assault...

Without taking a single step from where she's standing, she wipes out the opposition one by one, headshot by headshot. Her shots are sure and precise. Not a single blast goes to waste, as far as the eye can see. Being in the dimly lit area, it's hard to see just how many of them were taken out, but surely she can see things that others can't. After several shots were taken into the dark, several more thuds to the concrete pavement were heard. In an instant, she single-handedly and nonchalantly took out every sign on danger around without budging an inch.

She's grown a lot up to now. There is no fear in her eyes, nor any saddness. All that's left in them is a stone cold glow, seemingly baring no emotion in them at all. Throughout the ordeal, she's completely silent. She doesn't even so much as take a deep breath after her onslaught is done. She simply docks her weapon on her back again and pointed to a nearby house, signaling her comrads to take shelter there. Those that were still alive followed her motion.

The inside of this home is like the inside of any typical household. Both the kitchen and bathroom have tiled floors, and bedrooms and livingroom are carpeted. There are even pictures of those that once resided in the home still on the walls. Oddly enough, everything was clean. It's like this place was never abandoned at all. There was running water, fresh food in the refridgerator, a functional TV and radio, and all the lights flicked on and off as if everything was normal.

The few that are left scavange around to find nourishment and tools to treat injuries one of them that escaped had incurred. All the while they're doing this, they mourn the loss of the friends they just lost. Voletta, on the other hand, just sits idly on the couch, still keeping to herself. Her head is hanging low, and her hair covers that majority of her face, but she seems to be more bored by their circumstances than anything else. Just like before, the others carried on and conversated amongst themselves without her.

Violent vibrations begin to pick up. Like an earthquake, they begin to shake the walls, 'causing pictures to fall off of the walls and for their frames to shatter upon impact with the floor. The sounds of utensils hitting the floor in the kitchen can heard as well the sounds of shattering glass from different places throughout the home. The lights flicker madly, and paint begins to chip away from the ceiling. It's another ambush, but from an even more unexpected place.

These figures, they were stepping out of the very pictures on the walls, as if they had been trapped inside of them. Voletta strikes them all down the way she had done not long before and signals everyone to leave, which they do. Waiting for them outside was another fleet of these zombie-like humanoid figures, which they're forced to encounter head on.

The others unsheath their weapons of choice, and the war is on again. Nonchalantly as ever, Voletta just casually walks up and down the side walk shooting without even aiming, and is still taking out anything that comes her way. Eventually, they all fight their way to their shuttle and get back inside of it. Luckily, it starts up again and they're able to get away fairly easily. At the same time, the group of about nine is only a group of four now.

The passengers that were left wept and wept, except Voletta. She's doing the same thing now she was doing upon arrival. Her head is benched back on the window, and she's staring at her faint reflection again.
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[17 Apr 2007|09:32pm]

k, so I"m listening to Ram-Zet, which means I have to do another long over due part of that series tonight. I don't know why I've been putting this off for so long. Sit tight, it's coming tonight. =)
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[19 Mar 2007|11:47pm]

Soooo... what religions are you all affiliated with? What do you believe in?
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Third Sight + Side Notes [13 Mar 2007|10:49pm]

It's that room again. The lights are still flickering on and off, and the sound of running water can be heard from a distance. Voletta's now laying on the floor in the fetal position. She's in a state of shock it seems. She's trembling, still frightened and unable to get to her feet, let alone move at all. The only other sign of life she shows is her whimpering.


Since this one is short, I'll enter the side notes with it. I'm not sure how far apart this one is after the preceding dream. It could be just a few minutes, but seeing as how she's not crying anymore, it's probably much later. Could be even hours or days. Just thinking about that makes me feel awkward. But yes, in case it's not clear, this events in this dream happen sometime after the ones in the second dream. This is probably the only time peices of the story came to me in consecutive order, but I could be wrong about that. I'm not really sure.
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yay [13 Mar 2007|12:04pm]

Other people are posting now. Good stuff. Now to bring more life to this damn thing (and to keep you all from getting bored to death with my novel-like entries)! People don't dream every night, and sometimes we don't even remember our dreams after we wake up, so we don't have to stick to that. Feel free to post about anything that's abstract in nature here. Things we can't touch, see, smell, etc.. such as religion, spirtuality, astral projection, etc etc. Make up something with your own creativity, I don't know. Annnd. Do tell your friends. See if any of them would be interested in this. k ty. I'm going to do parts three and four of my series of dreams tonight, 'cause part 3 is super short.
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[13 Mar 2007|12:31am]

Okay... so I had this dream (shocker, right?) a couple days ago. A little background information is... well, this guy Jess was in town last week (when I had the dream). We used to be a couple for several months, but then broke up amicably (I still like him, but I digress). He's in the Army now, and set to be deployed in August. Naturally, I'm scared to death. Which might explain this dream...

It's me, my twelve year old brother Jake, and Jess in this... arcade/amusement park thing. It's all indoors. There are these games and stuff, it's all free, I guess we were with a group that we had since been seperated from. Because I remember thinking that it would be so expensive if we actually had to pay. Night came, but nobody told us to leave or came to get us. Somehow we knew that it was closed before looking at his watch. Then the "fun" began. We started hearing these noises, and the machines started to malfunction. Suddenly - ghosts! Ghosts everywhere. We panicked, but couldn't find a way out. They were coming after us. I somehow turned into a (Nintendo) Boo, those little white ghosties that hide when you stare at them? yeah. And my brother turned into a Dry Bones (another Nintendo character, basically a Koopa skeleton). So then the ghosts saw that we were "one of them", and left us alone. But Jess didn't turn into anything. They all went after him. Me (as a Boo) and Jake (as Dry Bones) were pulling at him, trying to get him out. They converged - and I woke up.

I'm really not sure what exactly to make of it.
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Side Notes for Part Two [12 Mar 2007|08:53pm]

Our emotions are heavily intertwined in this dream. Even when I rewrote the dream just now, I was feeling a strong sense of paranoia and fear. I still feel it right now. It's like I had this dream all over again while I was writing it. Whew...

In this dream, I saw the majority of it through Voletta's eyes. When she was afraid, so was I. When she felt an adrenaline rush, so did I. We're strongly linked somehow, but I haven't figured that part out yet.

Scary notes about what happned before she went into that last room. Both of us felt something really bad. I mean, it was CRAZY. The feeling was so strong, I was telling myself that this is a crazy dream and I have to wake up. I kept trying to take myself out of the dream, which I'm normally able to do pretty easily, but I couldn't.. and we both knew something terrifying was on the other side of that door. Even worse, when she opened that door.. the body she saw hanging from that hook was me. I saw myself dead through her eyes. She screamed so loud, she woke me up. I could hear her scream echoing through my mind after I woke up.. and I lost many more nights of sleep because of this. I was so frightened to sleep. I was so scared. I am scared right now. It's something you have to experience to truly understand.

In another note, that "tracker" she had looked like Bulma's Dragon Radar, for all you Dragonball Z nerds out there. If you don't know what it looks like, it's like this:

In some final notes, she's never called by a name, but I call her "Voletta", which means "veiled one". That's because not much is known about her personal life or her personality.
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Second Sight [12 Mar 2007|08:50pm]

Voletta (the younger girl in the first dream) is standing on a tall hill, staring as the sunset glares over the ruins of what once appeared to be an airport. Aircrafts still stationed at their docks and all, it was easy to say that there was some dramatic even that rocked the very foundation of this place. There's visible damage to the roof, the visible aircrafts, and even the pavement that surrounded the place. It had been left the way it was for some time.

It has been a few years since the end of the first dream. She is a little older and taller now, but her eyes have not changed. They're still full of fear as they were when she was just breaking into her teenage years. The only difference now is she's wearing a backpack.

The sun light of the sun is now retreating and it only causes her fear to grow. Realizing that hesitating will only make things worse, she makes a mad dash down the hill and runs right into the ruins.

Upon her quiet entrance, it's easy to see why she's so afraid to be there alone. It's quiet, so every little noise there echoes throughout the place. There are noises that sound like footsteps, dripping water, rats and all sorts of rodents running amuk, and insects infesting whatever crevices they could find. To make things worse, the sun's light is only fading more. Alas, she presses on, and takes out a flashlight from her backpack. She makes timid steps, scrutinizing the area with her flashlight before even considering to make a move. The sounds she's hearing just frighten her even more. She finds herself turning and looking all around to make sure she's safe. She's beyond paranoid, and rightly so.

As she made her way through, the station seemed more unstable and dangerous. There's electrical sparks popping out of the ceiling where lights once were, there are tables and chairs turned over, and there are papers scattered about. This place was once a pretty busy one, it seems. Once she managed to get well into the place, the sun was completely gone. It was up to her and her flashlight to accomplish whatever goal she has set for herself.

Growing all the more frightened, she pulls out a compass of some sort out of her bag (it's like some kind of tracker and it glows) and just presses on, until she finally arrives at a plane's dock. Realizing she made her destination, she ran down the terminal and onto the plane and stopped to examine the area before making anymore sudden moves. What she sees when she examines the craft with her flashlight is both frightening and repulsive at the same time..

The place is infested with acidic slugs. Everything that they touch seems to deteriorate. The fabric of the chairs have many burn holes in them. The overhead cabinets used for storage have suffered much of the same damage. Even the floorboards of this craft have sustained tons of damage that has to be avoided. Even more frightening, the slug's acidic slime was dripping from everyone and burning whatever was near it on contact.

Voletta stares down the aisle of the plane and took a deep breath. Now that she's this far, there's no point in going back anyway. With a sudden rush of courage and adrenaline, she bolts down the aisle with tracker in hand and stops at one of the seats to reach in a bag that's sitting there (I can't make out what she took out of the bag, but she found something). Mission accomplished, and she's really excited and scared out of her mind at the same time. She takes the acquired item and puts it in her own bag and takes off again. Luckily, she's not harmed at all by the things around her.

She doesn't bother to pay attention to where she's going this time around. She just runs and runs, desperate to get out of this place. She ran and ran, and unfortunately, she got lost. The place was extremely dark now and it was impossible to tell which way she had come from the first time. Realizing this, she just pressed on, hopeful that she would find someway out of this mess.

She blazes on what feels like forever and shouldered tackles her way through doors, not even caring how unsafe the conditions are. Eventually, her adrenaline dies and the fear starts to overwhelm her more and more, and so her steps become timid again. Eventually, she comes across a door and she can see light beneath it. She decides to see what's behind the door, and it's simply a dimly lit room that appears to be a locker room of some sort. There are drains on the tiled floors, and shower heads hanging out of the walls. There's nothing special about it, but it has an extremely eerie feel to it. After all, this is the only room that's noticeably lit, until she comes up to the door that leads to the exit of it. That door has light beneath it too, but this one is flickering.

She stands there for a second to compose herself, feeling a strong energy from the next room. She knows for sure that something is in there, and there's nothing that can be done but face it. She slowly pushes the door open and squeezes into the next room, as timid as can be. For a second, the flickering lights in there come to a standstill and she finds herself face to face with a dead body dangling in midair by a huge hook of some sort. It's right through the chest of the corpse. What's worse, the blood is still fresh. There's blood soaking into the corpses clothing, and it's eyes are still open. The mouth of this corpse was hanging open too.

Seeing this, she becomes overwhelmed with grief and lets out the most blood curtling scream anyone can ever imagine. Her eyes instantly fill with tears, and her vision is just as suddenly flooded.
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Side Notes for Part One [12 Mar 2007|12:33am]

So, I decided to rewrite that old series of dreams I had a while ago... and I'm still having today. I'm a better writer now, and I still remember lots of these as if I dreamt them yesterday, so this will be fun for me. That is, if they don't creep me out the way they used to. Some of them still scare me when I read my old summaries of them, so we'll see how this goes.

These dreams are all very cinematic. The way I describe them is actually how I saw them for the most part. It's like I'm watching a movie. Other than that, I see everything through the younger girl's eyes. In the first dream that's how things are anyway. I also feel the things she does, so when I woke up, I was beyond terrified. Everything was so bizarrely graphic and realistic, I didn't know what to think.

The fact that I couldn't understand anything that was being said just confused and scared me all the more. I was afraid to sleep for days after this dream. Even more confusing, I saw the dream through the eyes of a female, something that also didn't make sense. There were lots of mysterious to this completely random dream, and there were many more to come.

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First Sight [11 Mar 2007|09:45pm]

The evening sky is bright as can be. The sky couldn't be any clearer. There's not a cloud, nor a bird, nor any object or creature in the sky to cast a shadow over the land. The land .. it's dry and brittle. It's dirty, almost completely covered in a mixture of dust and sand. The sand is almost golden, as it has been undisturbed for quite some time it seems. Not only has it not been disturbed by the presence of human beings, but also not of any plants or animals. There's not a sign of the presence of either to be found there, at least not now.

The sand is littered with ancient architecture. It's the Egyptian stone type, right before the time of Christ (if nothing else, think "Agrabah" of Disney's Aladdin franchise). It's so dull and plain, there isn't even a since of artistry to it. It seems like stones of different shapes were piled on top of one another to create shelter, only to be abandoned completely. There's a soft breeze of wind kicking up dust and shuffling tumble weeds about, and nothing more.

This eerie silence continues until two figures dash through the ruins. They're moving so quickly, the only thing that can be made out at first sight are the streaks of blonde and black from their moving about. Their bodies are covered almost completely. They're decked out in black a black leatherish material. It covers their arms, their upper torsos, and their legs. On their feet, they're wearing solid black boots that seem to be made of the same material. Also, their hands are covered in the same fashion.

A clear view of them isn't visible until they come to a sudden hault and take refuge between two of the stone structures once used as homes. Now it's easy to see them. They both are females and are fairly young. They're fit, and of average female height for their ages (be American standards anyway).

The youngest of the two (who appears to be just entering her teenage years) has dark hair that matches the almost gothic attire she wore.  Her eyes are terror stricken.  She was breathing in an erradic fashion to match her expression. She leans against the side of one the slabs of stone and let's her body sulk down until she plops in the sand. She's very winded as well.

The older one (who appears to be in her mid-twenties) has much brighter hair, and she's noticeably taller. Her eyes are a very faint green. From a physical standpoint, this is about all that's made apparent that distinguishes the two from one another. But, unlike her younger counterpart, she's not afraid nor tired at all. She has a fierce look in her eyes and her body language matched them. She looks down at her "subordinate" and scolds her (it can't be distinguished exactly what she's saying, but she's speaking in a low-key and very stern tone). The younger girl just sits there and hides her hands behind her covered hands and begins to cry.

Suddenly, a duo of very demonic appearing, humanoid figures appeared before them. It seemed as if they appeared out of nowhere. They too were decked in all black, but their faces were not visible at all. Their heads and hair were completely concealed by hoods. Their garments were also much thinner and worn out. They were so frigid and torn, they could be cotton. Everything about them seems odd.. One of them has on broken shackles attached to the arms and feet and others to the neck. The other has chains coming out of the clothing, leaving only to the imagination where they were once fixed.

At the sight of this, the older immediately springs to action. In a head on attack,  she dashes right at them and unleashes a blurryingly fast barrage of kicks and punches. She moves so quickly and swiftly, that none of them have a chance to even think about taking offense, let alone attempt to avoid her. She makes quick work of them both, finishing the two off with a fatal twist to the neck. Seemingly just annoyed by the occurence she signals to the younger girl that it's time to move again and they both take off to find another place to hide. This time, they're ambushed by a much bigger group of these mysterious figures, and from both sides. This time around, it's more like 15 or 16 of them.

Frozen with fear, the younger girl falls to her knees and just begins to cry again. Once again, the older of the two makes a mad dash at one of the groups, similar to the way she handled the first two she encountered. Her assault was much more brutal this time around, though. She ripped through them limb by limb, literally. Arms, legs, and even heads were being torn completely off of their bodies and sent flailing into the air in all directions. It was a real massacre and a literal blood bath. The younger girl just watched in disbelief and her fear just grew and grew. By the time the first half of thier enemies were annihilated, she was weeping so much that she could no longer see what was going on. Unfortunately for her, what she couldn't see was that she was the target of the other half of their enemies.

Two of them mounted a catapul of some sort while the two girls were distracted, and they had already begun their attack. With it, they launched an enormous spear (it looked more like a chandelier made of rusty metal) at her. Being as scared as she was, she could see it coming at her, but she could not move or take any action to protect herself. She just stared at her impending death, until she's pushed out of the way by her comrad (she moves INSANELY fast), who takes the weapon right through her torso. Suprisingly, the huge arrangement of metals didn't budge her; they simply hang from her body. Her body also didn't fall, her arms just stretched out and her head hang low, as if she was tied to a cross. The middle blade of this bizarre weapon had gone right through her, clearly penetrating her body from the front and back, yet there was no blood on the end of the blade. Her body spewed no blood on either end either. The younger girl looked up at this sight and screamed at the top of her lungs, and wept even more bitterly.

In another extremely bizarre moment, the weapon was made to seem completely ineffective. The woman closed her arms on the weapon and she launched it out of her body, right in the direction of which it came. This counter-attack eliminated a few of the enemies. As for the others, well, the gates of hell were soon opened for them as well. The only thing they accomplished was making her more angry than she already was.

In another fit of anger, she approaches the younger girl and yells at her (unfortunately the things she says are inaudible). She scoffs at her in disgust and stomps away, not even looking back to see if the younger ever got back to her feet to follow.
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Question [01 Mar 2007|01:54pm]

So, why do we even dream to begin with?
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Black and White (x-post) [27 Feb 2007|12:55am]

Strange, strange, very strange dream. I forgot I had it until I looked at this log. At least, I think it was a dream. I was hardly awake when I was describing it. I don't even think my eyes were open. Crazy.

This is the first dream like this I've had that wasn't about her. That series was getting a little too crazy anyway. Lol. I still need to write all those out though.
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Dream Revival [26 Feb 2007|11:45pm]

Alright, I stole a decent layout for us to record our dreams on. =) I plan on promoting the hell out of this group and getting it full on going as soon as possible. Ahh, I completely forgot about how interesting this group can be. In any case, have a look at it and let me know what you think.
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[23 Jun 2006|12:39am]

It all started with me being chased down by the mother and father of the girl i was seeing behind thier backs...then that girl and I were being chased by someone else for one reason or another...we ducked into a small shop, and found our way out the back. We found a spot in the grass that opened up, so we traveled through it....which brought us to Greenwich, London. Dont ask how I knew it was Greenwich. When we opened up that flap of grass and stepped out, we were overcome by joy. Until the local authorities hauled us away for being on the grass. It was the most gorgeous scene i've ever seen in one of my dreams....I wanted to stay there forever...
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Where'd everbody go? [08 Jan 2006|03:46pm]
It's been so long since anyone posted here! Anyway...onto the dream!

There was this big sale at some store. I remember being there, but not buying anything. Just running around and looking at things. Practically everyone who lived in the town was there. While everyone was being distracted, a boy went missing and someone was murdered. This boy had been abused by his parents all his life. No one knew this. He was still young, probably around 8-10. Most of the town spent time looking for the boy without finding him. The murder pointed to the boys parents, because the police found a pair of pants and a shirt with dirt and dust all over it like from where the body was found. I never played a big role in this dream until I saw a water bottle the boy always carried around. I kicked it with my foot and said "I don't want to give up looking for him, but maybe he's too far gone". Then I saw the boy run out of his house distressed. He had come home because he was sorry, but only to learn they abandoned him and again there was nothing he could do. They weren't coming back. The police pulled up to the house shortly after and took the boy. They said he was the one who committed the murder and blamed it on his parents. He just started crying and saying "no". It was his attempt to stop the abuse by getting rid of his parents.
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Promotion [24 Jul 2005|09:34pm]
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VIII [16 May 2005|05:17am]

[ mood | anxious ]

(This one picks up where the ceremony from VI ends up, only from a different perspective. My perspective to be exact.)

There's a lot of commotion going on with the whole lot of us going our different ways. I glance to my left and I see a few of our superiors giving orders, to my right was much of the same, but none were directed towards me. I just stood there and watched as everyone began to take their leave by all sorts of means. Some left by foot, some by their vehicle of choice, some by air (and by air I mean they just jumped away..).

I stood there and spectated for a while before I finally decided to take off myself, which I also did by air (I'm not sure if it was a flying thing. I sort of jumped really high and came down really slowly, like gliding). I land in the outskirts of the city we were in in front of an apartment complex.

(By now, the sun was beginning to set and shadows were starting to cast. This was just telling me that it took a while to get that far and there was a small "jump" in the dream I think. After this, I see myself taking in the scenery and there's another jump to me being inside and already in my room.)

In my bed was my mother, in an eternal sleep. I knew it as soon as I entered. I could feel that I was too late to get her out of there, which is why I went so far in the first place. With a sigh of exhaustion, I sat next to her and lay my head in my hands. There was a moment of silence until the radio came on with a news report saying something about it being urgent to evacuate. They reporter went on about "them being here" and some plague. Knowing it would take a while to get back, I set out again by air.

(The room was kind of dark, so I couldn't see who it was really. Something always told me it was my mom though. My character is apparently the rebellious type, which he showed in other dreams. I think that's why no one bothered trying to tell me what to do. Lastly, I think she was still busy fighting that big jello thing in this dream which is why she was never mentioned in this one.)

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