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Side Notes for Part Five

I'm pretty sure that little girl is a younger version of Voletta, but I could be wrong. That theory has yet to be proved right or wrong, but I'll see eventually, I suppose. Another interesting note is she looks like Amy Lee's mini me in the dream. The outfit and all looks like something I've seen her wear on a poster. In fact, I saw a poster that reminded me so much of her, I bought it. I'll post a picture of it later. Another note is the man that approaches her looks a lot like Wesley Snipes. Just picture one of the Blade movies, and you'll have it down exactly.
This dream was very cinematic. I saw all of it as if I was watching it unfold from multiple points of view, and it was cool. It didn't give me strange feelings like the other dreams, and I'm guessing that's because the little girl that I think was Voletta remained calm throughout the entire thing. In any case, pictures of it all coming soon.
Tags: dream, zet notes, zet series
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