Kelly (Ordinary Vanity) (emotive) wrote in arcane_chimera,
Kelly (Ordinary Vanity)

Where'd everbody go?

It's been so long since anyone posted here! Anyway...onto the dream!

There was this big sale at some store. I remember being there, but not buying anything. Just running around and looking at things. Practically everyone who lived in the town was there. While everyone was being distracted, a boy went missing and someone was murdered. This boy had been abused by his parents all his life. No one knew this. He was still young, probably around 8-10. Most of the town spent time looking for the boy without finding him. The murder pointed to the boys parents, because the police found a pair of pants and a shirt with dirt and dust all over it like from where the body was found. I never played a big role in this dream until I saw a water bottle the boy always carried around. I kicked it with my foot and said "I don't want to give up looking for him, but maybe he's too far gone". Then I saw the boy run out of his house distressed. He had come home because he was sorry, but only to learn they abandoned him and again there was nothing he could do. They weren't coming back. The police pulled up to the house shortly after and took the boy. They said he was the one who committed the murder and blamed it on his parents. He just started crying and saying "no". It was his attempt to stop the abuse by getting rid of his parents.
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