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First Sight

The evening sky is bright as can be. The sky couldn't be any clearer. There's not a cloud, nor a bird, nor any object or creature in the sky to cast a shadow over the land. The land .. it's dry and brittle. It's dirty, almost completely covered in a mixture of dust and sand. The sand is almost golden, as it has been undisturbed for quite some time it seems. Not only has it not been disturbed by the presence of human beings, but also not of any plants or animals. There's not a sign of the presence of either to be found there, at least not now.

The sand is littered with ancient architecture. It's the Egyptian stone type, right before the time of Christ (if nothing else, think "Agrabah" of Disney's Aladdin franchise). It's so dull and plain, there isn't even a since of artistry to it. It seems like stones of different shapes were piled on top of one another to create shelter, only to be abandoned completely. There's a soft breeze of wind kicking up dust and shuffling tumble weeds about, and nothing more.

This eerie silence continues until two figures dash through the ruins. They're moving so quickly, the only thing that can be made out at first sight are the streaks of blonde and black from their moving about. Their bodies are covered almost completely. They're decked out in black a black leatherish material. It covers their arms, their upper torsos, and their legs. On their feet, they're wearing solid black boots that seem to be made of the same material. Also, their hands are covered in the same fashion.

A clear view of them isn't visible until they come to a sudden hault and take refuge between two of the stone structures once used as homes. Now it's easy to see them. They both are females and are fairly young. They're fit, and of average female height for their ages (be American standards anyway).

The youngest of the two (who appears to be just entering her teenage years) has dark hair that matches the almost gothic attire she wore.  Her eyes are terror stricken.  She was breathing in an erradic fashion to match her expression. She leans against the side of one the slabs of stone and let's her body sulk down until she plops in the sand. She's very winded as well.

The older one (who appears to be in her mid-twenties) has much brighter hair, and she's noticeably taller. Her eyes are a very faint green. From a physical standpoint, this is about all that's made apparent that distinguishes the two from one another. But, unlike her younger counterpart, she's not afraid nor tired at all. She has a fierce look in her eyes and her body language matched them. She looks down at her "subordinate" and scolds her (it can't be distinguished exactly what she's saying, but she's speaking in a low-key and very stern tone). The younger girl just sits there and hides her hands behind her covered hands and begins to cry.

Suddenly, a duo of very demonic appearing, humanoid figures appeared before them. It seemed as if they appeared out of nowhere. They too were decked in all black, but their faces were not visible at all. Their heads and hair were completely concealed by hoods. Their garments were also much thinner and worn out. They were so frigid and torn, they could be cotton. Everything about them seems odd.. One of them has on broken shackles attached to the arms and feet and others to the neck. The other has chains coming out of the clothing, leaving only to the imagination where they were once fixed.

At the sight of this, the older immediately springs to action. In a head on attack,  she dashes right at them and unleashes a blurryingly fast barrage of kicks and punches. She moves so quickly and swiftly, that none of them have a chance to even think about taking offense, let alone attempt to avoid her. She makes quick work of them both, finishing the two off with a fatal twist to the neck. Seemingly just annoyed by the occurence she signals to the younger girl that it's time to move again and they both take off to find another place to hide. This time, they're ambushed by a much bigger group of these mysterious figures, and from both sides. This time around, it's more like 15 or 16 of them.

Frozen with fear, the younger girl falls to her knees and just begins to cry again. Once again, the older of the two makes a mad dash at one of the groups, similar to the way she handled the first two she encountered. Her assault was much more brutal this time around, though. She ripped through them limb by limb, literally. Arms, legs, and even heads were being torn completely off of their bodies and sent flailing into the air in all directions. It was a real massacre and a literal blood bath. The younger girl just watched in disbelief and her fear just grew and grew. By the time the first half of thier enemies were annihilated, she was weeping so much that she could no longer see what was going on. Unfortunately for her, what she couldn't see was that she was the target of the other half of their enemies.

Two of them mounted a catapul of some sort while the two girls were distracted, and they had already begun their attack. With it, they launched an enormous spear (it looked more like a chandelier made of rusty metal) at her. Being as scared as she was, she could see it coming at her, but she could not move or take any action to protect herself. She just stared at her impending death, until she's pushed out of the way by her comrad (she moves INSANELY fast), who takes the weapon right through her torso. Suprisingly, the huge arrangement of metals didn't budge her; they simply hang from her body. Her body also didn't fall, her arms just stretched out and her head hang low, as if she was tied to a cross. The middle blade of this bizarre weapon had gone right through her, clearly penetrating her body from the front and back, yet there was no blood on the end of the blade. Her body spewed no blood on either end either. The younger girl looked up at this sight and screamed at the top of her lungs, and wept even more bitterly.

In another extremely bizarre moment, the weapon was made to seem completely ineffective. The woman closed her arms on the weapon and she launched it out of her body, right in the direction of which it came. This counter-attack eliminated a few of the enemies. As for the others, well, the gates of hell were soon opened for them as well. The only thing they accomplished was making her more angry than she already was.

In another fit of anger, she approaches the younger girl and yells at her (unfortunately the things she says are inaudible). She scoffs at her in disgust and stomps away, not even looking back to see if the younger ever got back to her feet to follow.
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