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Side Notes for Part Two

Our emotions are heavily intertwined in this dream. Even when I rewrote the dream just now, I was feeling a strong sense of paranoia and fear. I still feel it right now. It's like I had this dream all over again while I was writing it. Whew...

In this dream, I saw the majority of it through Voletta's eyes. When she was afraid, so was I. When she felt an adrenaline rush, so did I. We're strongly linked somehow, but I haven't figured that part out yet.

Scary notes about what happned before she went into that last room. Both of us felt something really bad. I mean, it was CRAZY. The feeling was so strong, I was telling myself that this is a crazy dream and I have to wake up. I kept trying to take myself out of the dream, which I'm normally able to do pretty easily, but I couldn't.. and we both knew something terrifying was on the other side of that door. Even worse, when she opened that door.. the body she saw hanging from that hook was me. I saw myself dead through her eyes. She screamed so loud, she woke me up. I could hear her scream echoing through my mind after I woke up.. and I lost many more nights of sleep because of this. I was so frightened to sleep. I was so scared. I am scared right now. It's something you have to experience to truly understand.

In another note, that "tracker" she had looked like Bulma's Dragon Radar, for all you Dragonball Z nerds out there. If you don't know what it looks like, it's like this:

In some final notes, she's never called by a name, but I call her "Voletta", which means "veiled one". That's because not much is known about her personal life or her personality.
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