The Ultimate Bloggertunist (anxious_hearts) wrote in arcane_chimera,
The Ultimate Bloggertunist

Soooo... what religions are you all affiliated with? What do you believe in?
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Im a Pagan/Wiccan. I do believe there is a cosmic force known as god/goddess but I dont believe in any one god. I believe in a karmic sense of justice as in U do good things u will be repaid in this life or the next one. I do believe in reincarnation.I believe everyone needs to walk in different shoes to see how it feels. For example black/white, poor/rich, female/male. I believe when one reaches cosmic perfection they can move on to the hereafter(whatever that is)
I believe in some of that stuff too, but I'm not Wiccan.
I'm a Jew, but I believe in a lot of paranormal or whatever stuff, and I keep a deck of tarot cards and stuff, so I'm pretty eclectic...
Ha. I used to see a lot of that in New Orleans. That's cool. =)