The Ultimate Bloggertunist (anxious_hearts) wrote in arcane_chimera,
The Ultimate Bloggertunist

Fourth Sight

It's another eerily dark night. As are most environments Voletta finds herself in, this one is void of any sign of life as well. This time however, she's going through what used to be a rural area. There's clean pavement and homes on either side of it. Both grass and trees are growing, and there are even various motor vehicles sitting outside of the residential homes. It seems just like any other neighborhood, only there are no lights lit in any home. In the streets are no stray animals. There's no a sound being made with the exception of the hum of a shuttle. In this shuttle, Voletta and a crew of others are taking a ride.

She's defintely different this time around. Not only does she appear to be older now, but her posture is different. She seems a lot more relaxed. Given the circumstances she's in, it's very strange of her to not be paranoid. Her fellow passengers don't seem to worried either, but she's not paying much mind to them. She's just resting her head against the shuttle's window, staring at her own faint reflection from the little light the vehicle gave off.

As for her fellow passengers, they're a rowdy bunch. They're all fairly young adults and they're not shy about showing it either. The atmosphere about them is very party-like. Everyone is talking and laughing loudly. It's like they don't have a care in the world, even though everything outside of the vehicle screams the end of time. None of them pay any mind to Voletta, who's being characteristically anti-social.

The ride goes on fairly uneventful for quite some time, besides the group of passengers playing cards and horseplaying around with one another. All this comes to a sudden hault when the shuttle loses power and stops. The faint light that it gives off shuts down as well, giving the crew no light to rely on, besides the street lights on every corner. Unfortunately, these lights were only bright enough to cast shadows, making an already frightening environment that much scarier. After a brief silence, the vehicle is stricken with an object completely unidentifiable in the darkness. It gives the shuttle a mighty rock, threatening to topple it over. Luckily for those aboard, it manages to hold it's ground long enough for everyone to make a quick exit.

Armed with flashlights, the frenzied group scans all around the area, to find something familiar to Voletta. They were ambushed by more wretched, humanoid figures who quickly slaughter a few that were unfortunately caught off guard. Like a pack of wolves through lambs, they cut through them and attempted more. Their unexpected assault is ended pretty quickly by none other than Voletta herself.

With an icy cold glare, she slowly brings an arm behind her and unsheathes a weapon the size and length of one of her arms. It's a slick , metallic projectile weapon of some sort. It could be called a gun, but that would understate the sheer bulk and firing power of this weapon of hers. From the look of it, it's surpring any one person can weild it at all, let alone lift it with one arm as she was doing. This quickly spelled the end of the assault...

Without taking a single step from where she's standing, she wipes out the opposition one by one, headshot by headshot. Her shots are sure and precise. Not a single blast goes to waste, as far as the eye can see. Being in the dimly lit area, it's hard to see just how many of them were taken out, but surely she can see things that others can't. After several shots were taken into the dark, several more thuds to the concrete pavement were heard. In an instant, she single-handedly and nonchalantly took out every sign on danger around without budging an inch.

She's grown a lot up to now. There is no fear in her eyes, nor any saddness. All that's left in them is a stone cold glow, seemingly baring no emotion in them at all. Throughout the ordeal, she's completely silent. She doesn't even so much as take a deep breath after her onslaught is done. She simply docks her weapon on her back again and pointed to a nearby house, signaling her comrads to take shelter there. Those that were still alive followed her motion.

The inside of this home is like the inside of any typical household. Both the kitchen and bathroom have tiled floors, and bedrooms and livingroom are carpeted. There are even pictures of those that once resided in the home still on the walls. Oddly enough, everything was clean. It's like this place was never abandoned at all. There was running water, fresh food in the refridgerator, a functional TV and radio, and all the lights flicked on and off as if everything was normal.

The few that are left scavange around to find nourishment and tools to treat injuries one of them that escaped had incurred. All the while they're doing this, they mourn the loss of the friends they just lost. Voletta, on the other hand, just sits idly on the couch, still keeping to herself. Her head is hanging low, and her hair covers that majority of her face, but she seems to be more bored by their circumstances than anything else. Just like before, the others carried on and conversated amongst themselves without her.

Violent vibrations begin to pick up. Like an earthquake, they begin to shake the walls, 'causing pictures to fall off of the walls and for their frames to shatter upon impact with the floor. The sounds of utensils hitting the floor in the kitchen can heard as well the sounds of shattering glass from different places throughout the home. The lights flicker madly, and paint begins to chip away from the ceiling. It's another ambush, but from an even more unexpected place.

These figures, they were stepping out of the very pictures on the walls, as if they had been trapped inside of them. Voletta strikes them all down the way she had done not long before and signals everyone to leave, which they do. Waiting for them outside was another fleet of these zombie-like humanoid figures, which they're forced to encounter head on.

The others unsheath their weapons of choice, and the war is on again. Nonchalantly as ever, Voletta just casually walks up and down the side walk shooting without even aiming, and is still taking out anything that comes her way. Eventually, they all fight their way to their shuttle and get back inside of it. Luckily, it starts up again and they're able to get away fairly easily. At the same time, the group of about nine is only a group of four now.

The passengers that were left wept and wept, except Voletta. She's doing the same thing now she was doing upon arrival. Her head is benched back on the window, and she's staring at her faint reflection again.
Tags: dream, zet series
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