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Fifth Sight

For once, it's a nice day and everything seems nicely ordinary. The sun is as bright as can be, and there's not a cloud in the sky. The paved roads, both the streets and sidewalks, are covered with activity. Normal people living everyday lives are carrying out daily acitivities. Some are dressed casually, some are dressed for business. Some of these people are young, and some of them old. Some people were walking and some were riding their own vehicles or some method of public transportation. Some were even skating their way around. And even still, in what little space was available among all these busy people were the bike riders.

It's the city life. Huge boulevards, gigantic stores, fancy billboards, and bright lights stretch as far as the eye can see. Groups of teenagers were gathered in groups, plotting their mischeif as the young do. Most of the adults seem to be coming from or going to work, all the while escorting their small children. However, there is one lone child not participating in the hustle and shuffling going on.

She's a very young child, possibly being no more than five years of age. Her hair is long and thick; it stretches down past her knees. It's aslo jet black, a color that matched that of her garments. She wears a shirt with no sleeves and a white dress that rested on her knees. On her legs are black and white striped stockings, and on her feet are little black boots. Lastly, her hands are covered in little black fingerless gloves. Compared to those around her, she was dark and gloomy, but this child doesn't seem unhappy at all.

She walks a straight path, never bothering to make eye contact or acknowledge the existence of anyone around her. She simply quietly strolls up a sidewalk, and remains in her own secluded world. Her walk ends when she arrives at a building made of stone. Before the entrance were stairs that seemed to be in the hundreds, and they stretched as far as the entire block. At the top of these stairs are double-doors made of glass. Everything else that can be seen is stone, or a window here and there. This place was void of any emotion, as were the few that were entering and leaving it. These people were dressed up to the tie, holding briefcases and all. Their faces were blank and cold. It's if this place were of some unfortunate fate, much like a city hall would be to some.

The little girl makes her way halfway up the stairs and stops. She comes to a complete standstill and just watches and waits. The people around here that were coming and leaving paid her no mind, seemingly opting to mind their own business. Not one person even noticed she was there.

Suddenly, there's a loud bang and several windows shatter. Even where the little girl stood was glass hurled, but she does not move an inch. She just stands and watches. Out of the windows come streams of smoke fleeting. She hears several voices cry out in shock and fear, but she does not react to that either. Not soon after, the entrance to this place blows open and many are rushing out. Even still, she does not move. She stands her ground and keeps her eyes on those doors, as people flew out of them and right past her. Many people dashed out at once, but not one of them made contact with her. It's as if she doesn't exist.

Behind the girl was also chaos. People that were making their way around by whatever means they had were all attempting to leave at once, causing even more confusion and dismay. Not once did this girl turn around to see this for herself. She can only tell by the frustrated yells of human voices and the obnoxious honking of motor vehicle's horns.

A gloved hand rests on her head, which manages to get a smile out of her. Without turning around to see who's touching her, she already knows. Whoever this person is, he defintely makes her happy. The man is tall and dark, and his outfit is much of the same. He wears a n unbuttoned leather trenchcoat, a bulletproof vest, leather pants, leather boots, and dark shades. He leans down and gently gives the girl a hug, while whispering something to her, which also manages to get some smiling out of her. After he releases her, he charges up the stairs and literally through the doors.

The little girl stays in place, and watches on. She can hear sounds that are like blasts from some type of firearm, and some stronger sounds that are like explosives. Still, she doesn't flinch. She just stands and looks on until all the noise subsides. By the time the silence falls, everyone in the nearby area is already gone. There are abandoned vehicles, shoes, and bags of all sorts laying around everywhere. Most the pavement was covered in paper dropped by people that were panicking and attempting to get out of the area. Even still, she doesn't care enough to turn around and notice that she's the last one left either.

Soon, her friend comes out and greets her on the stairs with another hug. She smiles again, but doesn't make a sound. The man rises up to his feet and pets her on the head, like a parent would to a child. She just stands in place until he starts to make his way down the stairs again. She turns around only to watch him make a hasty exit to the scene and then returned her sights to the entrance of that cold building.
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