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Second Sight

Voletta (the younger girl in the first dream) is standing on a tall hill, staring as the sunset glares over the ruins of what once appeared to be an airport. Aircrafts still stationed at their docks and all, it was easy to say that there was some dramatic even that rocked the very foundation of this place. There's visible damage to the roof, the visible aircrafts, and even the pavement that surrounded the place. It had been left the way it was for some time.

It has been a few years since the end of the first dream. She is a little older and taller now, but her eyes have not changed. They're still full of fear as they were when she was just breaking into her teenage years. The only difference now is she's wearing a backpack.

The sun light of the sun is now retreating and it only causes her fear to grow. Realizing that hesitating will only make things worse, she makes a mad dash down the hill and runs right into the ruins.

Upon her quiet entrance, it's easy to see why she's so afraid to be there alone. It's quiet, so every little noise there echoes throughout the place. There are noises that sound like footsteps, dripping water, rats and all sorts of rodents running amuk, and insects infesting whatever crevices they could find. To make things worse, the sun's light is only fading more. Alas, she presses on, and takes out a flashlight from her backpack. She makes timid steps, scrutinizing the area with her flashlight before even considering to make a move. The sounds she's hearing just frighten her even more. She finds herself turning and looking all around to make sure she's safe. She's beyond paranoid, and rightly so.

As she made her way through, the station seemed more unstable and dangerous. There's electrical sparks popping out of the ceiling where lights once were, there are tables and chairs turned over, and there are papers scattered about. This place was once a pretty busy one, it seems. Once she managed to get well into the place, the sun was completely gone. It was up to her and her flashlight to accomplish whatever goal she has set for herself.

Growing all the more frightened, she pulls out a compass of some sort out of her bag (it's like some kind of tracker and it glows) and just presses on, until she finally arrives at a plane's dock. Realizing she made her destination, she ran down the terminal and onto the plane and stopped to examine the area before making anymore sudden moves. What she sees when she examines the craft with her flashlight is both frightening and repulsive at the same time..

The place is infested with acidic slugs. Everything that they touch seems to deteriorate. The fabric of the chairs have many burn holes in them. The overhead cabinets used for storage have suffered much of the same damage. Even the floorboards of this craft have sustained tons of damage that has to be avoided. Even more frightening, the slug's acidic slime was dripping from everyone and burning whatever was near it on contact.

Voletta stares down the aisle of the plane and took a deep breath. Now that she's this far, there's no point in going back anyway. With a sudden rush of courage and adrenaline, she bolts down the aisle with tracker in hand and stops at one of the seats to reach in a bag that's sitting there (I can't make out what she took out of the bag, but she found something). Mission accomplished, and she's really excited and scared out of her mind at the same time. She takes the acquired item and puts it in her own bag and takes off again. Luckily, she's not harmed at all by the things around her.

She doesn't bother to pay attention to where she's going this time around. She just runs and runs, desperate to get out of this place. She ran and ran, and unfortunately, she got lost. The place was extremely dark now and it was impossible to tell which way she had come from the first time. Realizing this, she just pressed on, hopeful that she would find someway out of this mess.

She blazes on what feels like forever and shouldered tackles her way through doors, not even caring how unsafe the conditions are. Eventually, her adrenaline dies and the fear starts to overwhelm her more and more, and so her steps become timid again. Eventually, she comes across a door and she can see light beneath it. She decides to see what's behind the door, and it's simply a dimly lit room that appears to be a locker room of some sort. There are drains on the tiled floors, and shower heads hanging out of the walls. There's nothing special about it, but it has an extremely eerie feel to it. After all, this is the only room that's noticeably lit, until she comes up to the door that leads to the exit of it. That door has light beneath it too, but this one is flickering.

She stands there for a second to compose herself, feeling a strong energy from the next room. She knows for sure that something is in there, and there's nothing that can be done but face it. She slowly pushes the door open and squeezes into the next room, as timid as can be. For a second, the flickering lights in there come to a standstill and she finds herself face to face with a dead body dangling in midair by a huge hook of some sort. It's right through the chest of the corpse. What's worse, the blood is still fresh. There's blood soaking into the corpses clothing, and it's eyes are still open. The mouth of this corpse was hanging open too.

Seeing this, she becomes overwhelmed with grief and lets out the most blood curtling scream anyone can ever imagine. Her eyes instantly fill with tears, and her vision is just as suddenly flooded.
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