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Okay... so I had this dream (shocker, right?) a couple days ago. A little background information is... well, this guy Jess was in town last week (when I had the dream). We used to be a couple for several months, but then broke up amicably (I still like him, but I digress). He's in the Army now, and set to be deployed in August. Naturally, I'm scared to death. Which might explain this dream...

It's me, my twelve year old brother Jake, and Jess in this... arcade/amusement park thing. It's all indoors. There are these games and stuff, it's all free, I guess we were with a group that we had since been seperated from. Because I remember thinking that it would be so expensive if we actually had to pay. Night came, but nobody told us to leave or came to get us. Somehow we knew that it was closed before looking at his watch. Then the "fun" began. We started hearing these noises, and the machines started to malfunction. Suddenly - ghosts! Ghosts everywhere. We panicked, but couldn't find a way out. They were coming after us. I somehow turned into a (Nintendo) Boo, those little white ghosties that hide when you stare at them? yeah. And my brother turned into a Dry Bones (another Nintendo character, basically a Koopa skeleton). So then the ghosts saw that we were "one of them", and left us alone. But Jess didn't turn into anything. They all went after him. Me (as a Boo) and Jake (as Dry Bones) were pulling at him, trying to get him out. They converged - and I woke up.

I'm really not sure what exactly to make of it.
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